bitch please (_absolutely) wrote in idahomama,
bitch please

first post, welcome

my name is jen, i'm the 22 year old mother of a beautiful 21 month old daughter. i'm the creator and moderator of this community.

i created this communtiy because i've lived in idaho for almost 5 months and still have not met a single person my age. it could be, of course, because i'm a stay at home mom and don't know the area. but i've spent the last 2 months trying to find a message board of some sort to start making connections and building friendships. so far i have failed miserably, or the internet has failed me, either way, this community was born because of it.

it is my hope that this community can bring together people in my situation, someone who desperately needs some real human contact and commiseration. it's a lonely world out there for people in general, and i'm hoping to make it less so by bringing together people of similar interest.

anyway, i'm done with this first community post. i hope there are more posts in the very near future!
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